Arman Izadi

Graffiti Artist Arman Izadi and Team Bring Fortnite to Life and Engage in Epic Nerf Battle!

Armani Izadi Las VegasLas Vegas graffiti artist, Arman Izadi, is known for his meticulous talent and creative streak. Apart from his artistic endeavors, the businessman has all but transformed the corporate world by moving the needle for companies through his acumen in business development, innovative media and event production. Izadi has also powered some of the biggest nightclubs in the world from Hollywood to Macau.

Recently, the artist took on the social media scene with his #GraffitiMansion project. Armani Izadi has emblazoned his 6,000 square foot Las Vegas mansion multiple times with awe-inspiring murals in Christmas, Halloween and Fortnite themes.

Honing his philanthropic side, the artist has also painted his mansion to draw awareness to the 2017 Vegas shooting and to raise funds for the Boys and Girls Club in Nevada.

In May 2018, Armani Izadi decided to show off his fun side by giving his mansion a top-to-bottom makeover in tribute to Fortnite. Izadi and his team of artists from around the world worked tirelessly on the Fortnite art installation – one of the biggest in the world, documenting the entire process on the artist’s YouTube channel. Arman Izadi began the video with his signature catchphrase, but this time it was charged with a different kind of excitement.

“People keep asking me, ‘what’s the deal?’” the artist says in the video, letting out a mock evil laugh, “I’m thinking it’s a big deal.”

The project even had a Fortnite bus suspended from a hot air balloon hovering over the mansion just like in the game. As a testament to their dedication, the crew built a replica of the titled towers and held an epic Nerf battle!

The mansion itself boasted of popular Fortnite skins; Crackshot, Love Ranger, Raven, Dark Voyager, and Leviathan among others could be seen engaging in combat across the massive edifice. Arman Izadi also sprawled his socials on the installation alongside stylized lettering; “Fortnite Graffiti Mansion” “#BoogieDown” and “Battle Royale”.

Armani Izadi showed his appreciation for acclaimed internet personality and gamer Tyler Blevins “Ninja” whose rise to fame is intertwined with Fortnite. In fact, he is often considered the unofficial face of the game. The artist painted Ninja’s likeness in Fortnite combat gear among the other characters. This didn’t go unnoticed by the gamer, who gave the project a shout out to his over 7-million follower base.

“Thi is super well done,” Ninja said when reacting to the installation. “Great job, honestly, I’d love to meet you and your team someday. When I see all these amazing murals I feel like Fortnite is becoming bigger than a game. It’s awesome.”

Panda Viva Clothing partnered with the Graffiti Fortnite Mansion and announced a new line of apparel; socks, backpacks, and t-shirts were released to commemorate the project.

For Armani Izadi, the road is only just beginning. His talents have taken the social media world by storm, opening multiple doors for him and his team. Having worked with industry heavyweights like Jake and Logan Paul, Jojo Siwa and Faze Rug, the businessman has taken his business to staggering new heights.

Arman Izadi plans to use his influence to bring awareness to worthy causes and help people embrace the transformative power of art. For now, the artist is excited about several new projects in the pipeline and, as always, has his eye on the horizon for the next big adventure.

Las Vegas Artist, Armani Izadi, Gives His 6,000 Sq-Ft Graffiti Mansion a Spooky Halloween Makeover

Armani Izadi is a household name in the world of viral media. The Las Vegas graffiti artist created ripples with his #GraffitiMansion project; a series of videos that document the creative process of his intricate graffiti murals, spray-painted across the outer facade of the 6,000 square-foot mansion he calls home. So far, the artist has given his mansion a makeover for Christmas, Halloween and even Fortnite.

Apart from his artistic pursuits, Armani Izadi has created quite the splash in the social media realm, amassing a staggering 180,000-strong following across YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. The social media powerhouse has collaborated with industry heavyweights like Logan and Jake Paul, Jojo Siwa, Tanner Fox and Faze Rug and has unapologetically taken over the influencer market with his charismatic on-screen presence and quick wit.

Most recently, the Graffiti Mansion bore witness to another stunning makeover in tribute to Halloween 2019. Izadi released a video on Instagram, revealing the meticulous detail and planning that went into the making of this masterpiece. And in true Izadi style, the video treated viewers to a big-budget cinematic production with vibrant costumes, smoky effects and a whole slew of paint supplies to top it all off.

Staying true to his signature humor, Arman Izadi donned a “mad scientist” trench coat and goggles saying, “It’s been 5 months since the last graffiti mansion project. I’ve spent all my time laying out plans, inch by inch, sketch by sketch, can by can.”

In the video, Armani Izadi and his team painted graffiti versions of themselves decked out in Halloween garb. The mural even featured some well-known monsters from cultural lore like Freddy Kruger, Chucky, Pennywise, Frankenstein’s monster, and Jason. Of course, no Izadi mural would be complete without the cherry on top of the cake; the jagged “Muhaha” text sprawled right over Izadi’s likeness.

Viewers were clearly impressed with one gushing in the comments, “This was AMAZING to watch! Such art! Such talent! Love your work as always.”

This isn’t the first time Armani Izadi has gone all out for Halloween. Last year, he showed his softer side when he carved over 500 pumpkins for the Boy’s and Girl’s Club in Nevada. His influence was so massive, over one hundred people showed up to watch the action unfold and this even drew the attention of a handful of local news channels.

Arman Izadi has proven his entertainment chops on more than one occasion. Starting his career as an entrepreneur, he has moved the needle for businesses through his acumen in event production and business development.

The entrepreneur has taken his online empire to unprecedented places, drawing in impressive numbers in just a few years. With his amazing business acumen and eye for the next viral trend, the businessman definitely has big plans in the pipeline.

Arman Izadi believes art can transform people and help them embrace the bigger picture. As a nod to his own humble story, Izadi uses his massive influence to inspire budding artists and entrepreneurs to constantly challenge themselves beyond what they thought was possible.

Social Media Powerhouse, Armani Izadi, Has Created a Multi-Million-Dollar Online Presence in Just a Few Years

Arman Izadi is an American businessman, hospitality entrepreneur and viral media star, best known as the creator of the Graffiti Mansion project. Izadi first gained mainstream prominence when he gave his 6,000-square-foot Las Vegas mansion a graffiti makeover in tribute to the victims of the 2017 Vegas shooting.

Arman Izadi

His #VegasStrong video garnered over 60 million views on YouTube, and caught the attention of social media star Logan Paul, who invited Izadi to create a custom mural in his 6.6 million dollar Encino mansion.

Since then, life hasn’t quite been the same for Armani Izadi. He has worked with the likes of Jojo Siwa, Chris Brown, Faze Rug, Tanner Fox and more, creating for himself a formidable reputation in the industry and amassing a following of almost 800,000 followers across Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. His mansion has seen numerous makeovers to commemorate Halloween, Christmas, and even Fortnite!

Recently, the star was seen officiating the wedding of social influencers Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul at his Vegas mansion. The lavish ceremony saw hundreds of start-studded guests in attendance, over 60,000 fans tuning in to watch it online, and even an impromptu skirmish during the ceremony.

Izadi’s YouTube channel alone has quite the array of videos for his 169,000-strong fan base.

In a recent video titled “10 Steps to Throwing an Epic Party,” Izadi began with his signature catchphrase, “Here’s the deal, and it’s a big deal,” following that up with, “Why am I the guy teaching you how to do this? Well, do you even know what I do?”

Referring to his 15-year track record as an event manager, Arman Izadi has built a phenomenal business from the ground up. The entrepreneur has powered nightclubs in Vegas, Hollywood, and Macau and hosted legendary penthouse parties, cementing his status as an outstanding entertainer in VIP circles.

In his video, Armani Izadi mentioned such things as picking a great location, renting out water slides and a mechanical bull to spice up the party, and in a humorous nod to his talents, even added, “The most important thing to do, of course, is call me.” He jokes, “If you can afford me, that is.

The social media star has proven that philanthropy is as important to him as business. Izadi has often leveraged his massive influence to bring awareness to important causes.

For Halloween 2018, Armani Izadi released a video where he and his team carved pumpkins for charity.

“We gathered a bunch of people today to carve over 500 pumpkins to raise funds and awareness for the Boy’s & Girl’s Club of Nevada. It’s going to be huge. The word’s gotten out so we have hundreds of people driving by right now and hey, Fox 5 is here too.”

Armani Izadi leads a very creative and fast-paced life, and shows no signs of taking things easy anytime soon.

“I love being in the eye of the storm,” he says.

The influencer harbors plans to take his business ventures and social media presence to staggering new heights in the coming years. For now, in between painting breathtaking murals, brokering huge business deals and throwing multi-million dollar parties, Arman Izadi is an undeniable force to be reckoned with.

Arman Izadi Pays Homage to Late Rapper Nipsey Hussle With Breathtaking Mural

Armani Izadi is a successful social media star, best known as the creator of the successful “Graffiti Mansion” project. Having collaborated with industry heavyweights like Jake Paul, Logan Paul, Jojo Siwa, and Faze Rug, the businessman has amassed a staggering following of nearly 800,000 followers across Instagram and YouTube alone.

Recently, Arman Izadi created a touching mural in memory of late rapper and cannabis entrepreneur, Nipsey Hussle, who was gunned down in March of this year at the age of 33.

“We’re down here on Crenshaw Boulevard, and since we’re in the legend Nipsey Hussle’s neighborhood,” Arman Izadi said in an Instagram video, “we’re going to go ahead and pay tribute.”

The Double Up rapper was widely respected and hailed as a pillar in his native South LA community. His activism, entrepreneurial spirit, and influence have left an indelible mark on fans across the globe.

Hussle transformed his community through such endeavors as an affordable housing unit, a coworking space, multiple restaurants, and a barbershop. He also famously purchased shoes for students, repaved basketball courts and funded funerals for low-income families.

In his video, Armani Izadi captioned the pivotal moment quite well. “When @othatdevan called us to come down to the infamous neighborhood that the legend Nipsey Hussle loved and lost his life in and pay tribute to his memory, @dlordink & I graciously accepted the honor of packing up our cans and getting to work right away.”

He continued, “Big shout out to Mr. T of Mr. T’s Collective for helping to keep Nipsey’s memory alive at his new dispensary location opening soon.”

The mural itself boasted of a larger than life Hussle, wearing a yellow and purple Lakers jersey in a nod to the rapper’s dedication to the Los Angeles Lakers, being a longtime fan and frequent courtside presence at the games. The vibrant piece stood testament to Hussle’s legacy and the imprint he left behind.

In the months following the rapper’s death, LA has seen many murals in his likeness in alleys, buildings, busy highways, billboards, and basketball courts in those signature blue and yellow hues much like Izadi’s work.

Arman Izadi uses his massive influence to draw attention to matters of grave importance and bridge the community in times of crisis. During the Las Vegas shooting in 2017, the artist transformed his 6,000 square foot Vegas mansion to honor the victims.

“When the tragedy happened,” Izadi said of the shooting, “I didn’t know what to do. I was staring at my house and I was like, has anyone ever painted a mansion before?”

The video documenting the transformation garnered over 60 million views on YouTube, catapulting Izadi to social media superstardom, with fans and peers alike praising his altruistic efforts.

For Izadi, art is transformative and helps people embrace the bigger picture. Armani Izadi continues to use his talents to foster solidarity in times of hardship. His far-reaching influence has inspired budding artists and entrepreneurs to realize their true potential and bring about positive change in their communities.

YouTuber Armani Izadi Marries Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau in the Glitziest Wedding of The Year

He is recognized as one of the world’s most successful celebrities in viral media, building a million-dollar empire on the back of his YouTube channel. Arman Izadi is no stranger to the highs and lows of the entertainment realm and has chalked up quite the impressive resume.

“Here’s the deal and it’s a big deal,” Izadi’s catchphrase could not be apter. On July 28, 2019, the entrepreneur turned entertainer officiated the most glamorous wedding of the year.

YouTube influencers Jake Paul, 22, and Tana Mongeau, 21, said their I Do’s in Izadi’s Las Vegas Graffiti Mansion, reportedly spending to the tune of $500,000 for the festivities.

There were some big names in attendance including popular YouTuber and comedian King Bach, trainer Bradley Martyn, family YouTubers Kyler and Mad, Team 10’s very own Justin Roberts as ring bearer, and Jake’s older brother Logan holding down the fort as best man.

300 guests dressed to the nines and toasted to the happy union, but that was not all. Hundreds of fans flocked at the gates, hoping to catch a glimpse of the action.

The wedding ceremony could not have taken place in a more lavish setting. Armani Izadi’s gift to the couple? Giving the Graffiti Mansion a brand new paint job! Guests marveled at the floral motifs and #JanaForever, @JakePaul and @TanaMongeau tags emblazoned on Izadi’s sprawling 6,000 square foot estate off the Vegas strip.

What’s more, the property’s backyard, decorated splendidly for the post-nuptial cocktail party, had a red carpet, #Jana photo backdrops and a podcast setup for Logan’s Impaulsive series. The group, Arman Izadi included, recorded a live episode just before the ceremony kicked off.

Tana stunned in a breathtaking Veronica lace gown with a floor-length veil and Jake donned a white Dior suit, toting an umbrella that doubled up as a cane. Armani Izadi, for his part, cut a striking figure in a white cassock, headband and his signature goggles.

“We are gathered here today to join these two social media juggernauts in holy cloutrimony,” announced Izadi in a humorous nod to speculations of the couple’s whirlwind romance and shotgun wedding. Armani Izadi prefaced that with a tongue-in-cheek, “Turn off your phone and turn on post notifications for everyone here.”

In fact, the media firestorm surrounding the wedding reached staggering heights, so much so that upwards of 64,000 people tuned in to Halogen to watch the events unfold live.

Of course, no Vegas wedding is truly complete without a little action. Just as the couple leaned in to seal the deal with a kiss, an attendee leaped from the crowd and doused them in champagne. Arman Izadi intervened to have the guest subdued and escorted from the premises. The entrepreneur proved his hosting chops by handling the day-long festivities, the media, the throngs of people and the impromptu skirmish with poise and professionalism.

So what’s next for Arman Izadi? Painting intricate graffiti murals, powering some of Vegas’s biggest nightclubs and creating stellar music videos, the viral star has risen through the ranks in just a couple of years to become a compelling force in the industry.

Today, Izadi is a household name. His 170,000-strong YouTube audience enjoys a range of interesting videos every week that provides an unfiltered lens into the entertainer’s mile-a-minute life. For now, Armani Izadi plans to take each day as it comes with his eye on the horizon for the next big adventure.

Meet Arman Izadi: The Man, the Myth, the Legendary Graffiti Guru

A rags to riches story that’s honestly the stuff of movies. From selling monthly spa memberships at 17 to becoming a multi-millionaire social media superstar mere decades later, just who is Arman Izadi?

Many know him from Jake and Logan Paul’s YouTube videos; the high-spirited guy seen busting a move and painting awe-inspiring graffiti murals. What those videos don’t show is that Armani Izadi has had a humble start that inspired the mile-a-minute work ethic he pursues today.

Vegas’ Nightlife Gets a Makeover

“Here’s the deal. And it’s a big deal.” Armani Izadi’s catchphrase is fitting, given his monumental success in powering Vegas’ nightlife. The businessman had a dream to leave his mark on the city, and leave a mark he did.

Izadi cast his lot with high-profile casino and nightclub owners to cut his teeth in the business. Striking an impressive figure in penthouse parties and various celebrity haunts, the entrepreneur has taken the city to staggering new heights.

What Happens in Vegas

Doesn’t stay in Vegas. Not for Arman Izadi at least. He is now the name behind some of the most bankable nightclubs in Sin City, Hollywood and yes, even Macau. The bedrock of his success? Equal parts grit, passion and just pure talent.

Graffiti Mansion

Armani Izadi’s true colors shone through when he transformed his 6,000 sq-ft mansion into a spellbinding work of art in honor of the victims of the 2017 Vegas shooting.

“When the tragedy happened,” Izadi said of the shooting, “I didn’t know what to do. I was staring at my house and I was like, has anyone ever painted a mansion before?”

The video documenting the transformation opened the floodgates for a whole new career. His mansion has since donned numerous intricate graffiti motifs for Christmas, Halloween and in tribute to Fornite!

The Call From Logan Paul

Arman Izadi’s #VegasStrong video caught the attention of over 60 million people; one of them being social media powerhouse, Logan Paul. One call later and Izadi was on his way to paint a custom mural in the older Paul brother’s $6.6 million Encino mansion.

Since then, he has appeared in multiple videos on both brothers’ channels; showing off his dance moves, engaging in on-screen shenanigans, hosting gaming segments, loaning out a pair of luxury gold-trimmed cars for the Pauls’ boxing match in 2018, and so much more.

Hosting the Wedding of the Century

No, we’re not talking about the Royals. Armani Izadi’s most recent feat that put him in the crosshairs of the media; he officiated the wedding of Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau in July 2019. The event saw some of social media’s finest in attendance.

The YouTubers were wed by Izadi in Graffiti Mansion, Tana stunning in a curve-hugging white lace gown and Jake, in true Vegas style, wearing a white Dior suit, with brother Logan occupying his role as best man.

Fans had the option of live streaming the event on Halogen, and this reportedly drew in massive numbers, with upwards of 64,000 people tuning in to watch the festivities unfold.

No Vegas wedding is truly complete without a brawl. At one point, a fight broke out on stage when an attendee doused the couple in champagne. Izadi instinctively leaped into the fray to have the perpetrator subdued.

It was a media firestorm. Izadi became the face of the lavish ceremony and, as ever, handled the press with poise.

What’s Next

Arman Izadi has a colorful portfolio, to say the least. He’s worked with the likes of Chris Brown, created stunning art and brokered deals with the biggest companies in the world. So does the future hold? For now, Izadi enjoys his frenzied lifestyle and is keeping an eye out for the next big adventure.